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    Leaving the hustle and bustle of Southern California and professional careers in 2013, we set out to enjoy slower paced life and more time for relationships and community, while working hard to produce something we take great pride in. We purchased an established five-acre coffee farm with a great reputation in the Kona Coffee Belt, and are proud to be cultivating and expanding its potential.

    We consulted with soil specialists, hired experienced and wonderful workers from larger plantations, and set our course. We hand pick the beans in several waves during harvest season September to January, and process and sun dry the beans on site. We are also enjoying other aspects of farming by growing other produce and tropical fruits, and living a more sustainable and outdoor lifestyle.

    We are so very pleased to offer you our fabulous, Specialty Kona coffee here online and at our restaurant in downtown Kona, Bongo Ben’s Island Café. Besides being served at your table, we also have a full service Makana Coffee Bar inside Bongo Ben's, where you can enjoy 100% Kona coffee, espresso drinks, cold brew, and more for take away. 

    We love providing a high quality and delicious option for so many that make coffee a daily ritual. We also celebrate that it is what so many linger over while enjoying time and conversing with those they love.  

    So enjoy the gift of great Kona coffee.  Enjoy Makana.

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